Julie A. Marsh


Two Years of California's Local Control Funding Formula: Time to Reaffirm the Grand Vision. Julia E. Koppich, Daniel C. Humphrey, Julie A. Marsh (December 2015)
Californians and Public Education: Results from the Fourth PACE/USC Rossier Poll. Morgan S. Polikoff, Julie A. Marsh, David N. Plank, Michelle Hall, Tenice Hardaway, Tien Le (November 2014)
Deregulating School Aid in California: How Districts Responded to Flexibility in Tier 3 Categorical Funds in 2010--2011. Brian M. Stecher, Bruce Fuller, Tom Timar, Julie A. Marsh, Mary Briggs, Bing Han, Beth Katz, Angeline Spain, Anisah Waite (June 2012)
Deregulating School Aid in California: How 10 Districts Responded to Fiscal Flexibility, 2009-2010. Bruce Fuller, Julie A. Marsh, Brian M. Stecher, Tom Timar (May 2011)


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