Julie A. Marsh


Paving the way to equity and coherence? The Local Control Funding Formular in Year 3. Daniel C. Humphrey, Julia E. Koppich, Magaly Lavadenz, Julie A. Marsh, Jennifer O'Day, David N. Plank, Laura Stokes, Michelle Hall (April 2017)
Two Years of California's Local Control Funding Formula: Time to Reaffirm the Grand Vision. Julia E. Koppich, Daniel C. Humphrey, Julie A. Marsh (December 2015)
Californians and Public Education: Results from the Fourth PACE/USC Rossier Poll. Morgan S. Polikoff, Julie A. Marsh, David N. Plank, Michelle Hall, Tenice Hardaway, Tien Le (November 2014)
Deregulating School Aid in California: How Districts Responded to Flexibility in Tier 3 Categorical Funds in 2010--2011. Brian M. Stecher, Bruce Fuller, Tom Timar, Julie A. Marsh, Mary Briggs, Bing Han, Beth Katz, Angeline Spain, Anisah Waite (June 2012)
Deregulating School Aid in California: How 10 Districts Responded to Fiscal Flexibility, 2009-2010. Bruce Fuller, Julie A. Marsh, Brian M. Stecher, Tom Timar (May 2011)


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