Julie Marsh

Julie Marsh

Julie Marsh is an Associate Professor at the Rossier School of Education at USC. Marsh specializes in research on policy implementation, educational reform, and accountability. Her research blends perspectives in education, sociology, and political science. Over the past 15 years, her research has examined the implementation and effects of various accountability policies, including studies of the No Child Left Behind Act, school turnaround, teacher evaluation, and charter schools. Marsh has also closely examined school districts as central actors in educational reform, including the roles played by central office administrators in both interpreting and creating policy, as well as the roles of other district actors–school board members, union leaders, citizens, parents, university partners, and community organizations–in advancing system-level reform. Much of this research has focused on decision-making, including the role of data, the democratic nature of these efforts, and the politics of such processes. Her expertise lies in case study methodology and survey development and analysis. Marsh is currently co-PI of two federally funded studies in the Los Angeles Unified School District—one examining district efforts to implement portfolio management and turnaround reforms, and the other analyzing the district’s Teacher Incentive Fund-supported human capital reforms. Prior to coming to USC in July 2010, Marsh was at the RAND Corporation for eight years, where she last served as Senior Policy Researcher. She received a Ph.D. in Education Administration and Policy Analysis from Stanford University.


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