Our most recent seminars have been recorded and are available for streaming or download. Older seminars are also listed, although audio is not available prior to November 2008. Upcoming seminars can be found on the Seminars page.

  • An audio broadcast of our recent seminar “Funding Student Learning: How to Align Education Resources with Student Learning Goals” is now available. The January 23rd seminar featured Professor Jacob Adams presenting the findings and recommendations of the National Working Group on Funding Student Learning, with comments by Gerry Shelton. The speakers were introduced by PACE's Executive Director David N. Plank.

  • An audio broadcast of our recent seminar “Is No Child Left Behind Dead? Crafting an Effective Federal Role in School Reform” is now available. The November 14th seminar featured a round-table discussion to assess NCLB from a variety of perspectives, asking what we have learned since 2001, and can the federal government rethink it historical mission of equalizing education opportunity and results. The speakers included Bruce Fuller, Jorge Ruiz-de-Velasco, Bill Lucia, and Patricia Rucker, with an introduction from PACE's Executive Director David N. Plank.


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