Jeremy Roschelle

Keynote Address – Dr. Jeremy Roschelle, Director of the Center for Technology in Learning, SRI International
Dr. Roschelle is the Director of the Center for Technology in Learning at SRI International. His research examines the design and classroom use of innovations that enhance learning of complex and conceptually difficult ideas in mathematics and science. Through cognitive science-based research on the "Envisioning Machine" and later "SimCalc," he has explored how technology-based representations can make fundamental ideas in Algebra and Physics accessible to more students. Two running themes in his work are the study of collaboration in learning and the appropriate use of advanced or emerging technologies (such as component software and wireless handhelds) in education. More recently, Dr. Roschelle has been addressing large-scale use of innovative technologies in education, both through consulting to companies with a large impact in the market such as Texas Instruments, Pearson and Scholastic, and through implementation research on scaling up SimCalc to a wide variety of teachers and classrooms. His research includes one of the few large scale randomized experiments to find evidence for the effectiveness of technology in middle school mathematics education.


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