Math Panel

Dr. Charles Weis, Superintendent, Santa Clara County Office of Education (Moderator)
Dr. Weis has served as Superintendent of Santa Clara County Schools since July 2008. Previously, he held a similar position in Ventura County. He holds several degrees from California’s state universities, including a doctorate in Educational Policy and Organizational Studies from UC Santa Barbara. He is a past president of the Association of California School Administrators(ACSA), with which he’s been associated since 1980.

Phil Daro, Senior Fellow, Mathematics of America's Choice and Co-Director of Tools for Change, University of California at Berkeley
Phil is a Senior Fellow for Mathematics for America’s Choice where he focuses on programs for students who are behind in mathematics. He directs the Strategic Education Research Partnership between the University of California and Stanford with the San Francisco Unified School District to focus on math and science learning among students learning English. Phil chaired the Common Core Standards Mathematics Workgroup that is drafting common College and Career Readiness Standards and was a member of the writing team for the K-12 Common Core State Standards.

Dr. Neal Finkelstein, Senior Research Scientist, WestEd

Dr. Finkelstein is an education researcher at WestEd who designs and implements rigorous field-based program evaluations and impact studies. His current research areas and interests include: high school completion patterns and the transition to postsecondary education, middle school mathematics teaching and learning, diagnostic uses of school-based data systems, school governance systems and educational productivity. Prior to joining WestEd, Dr. Finkelstein served as Director of Educational Outreach Research and Evaluation for the University of California Office of the President.

Dan Meyer, Math Teacher, Apple Distinguished Educator
Dan taught high school math for six years to students who did not like math. He is currently a doctoral candidate at Stanford University in mathematics education. He speaks internationally and consults with publishers on their digital curricula. He was named one of Tech & Learning's 30 Leaders of the Future and is an Apple Distinguished Educator.


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