Presentations of Digital Tools

Mike Cassidy, Columnist, San Jose Mercury News (Moderator)
Mike Cassidy is a columnist at the San Jose Mercury News. His column looks at the entrepreneurship, diversity and risk-taking that make the valley a place like few others in the world. He has regularly written about the intersection of technology and education.

Agile Mind (Presentation)
Agile Mind uses technology to help transform engagement, achieve-ment and persistence in mathematics among adolescent learners and to build teacher effectiveness and satisfaction, by integrating professional development, curriculum, formative assessment, test prep, assignments, and data analytics and reporting into one cohesive online system.

ALEKS (Presentation)
ALEKS is a web-based mathematics program that provides personalized assessment and learning for grades 3-12. Using artificial intelligence and adaptive questioning, ALEKS assesses a student's knowledge and delivers instruction on the exact topics the student is most ready to learn.

CFY (Presentation)
As a national nonprofit, CFY helps low-income students, together with their teachers and families, harness the power of digital learning to improve educational outcomes. CFY pursues this mission through the combination of!its K-12 learning platform,, and!its direct service initiative, the CFY Digital Learning Program.

CK-12 Foundation (Presentation)
s a non-profit organization, the CK-12 Foundation’s mission is to produce free and open source K-12 materials aligned to state curriculum standards and customized to meet student and teacher needs. Current offerings include FlexBooks® digital textbooks, an SAT prep site, and an interactive Algebra I curriculum.

Edmodo (Presentation)
Offered as a free and ssecure social slearning network fffor teachers, students and schools, Edmodo provides classrooms a safe and easy way to connect and collaborate, offering a real-time platform to exchange ideas, share content and access home-work, grades and school notices.

Key Curriculum Press (,
Key Curriculum Press strives to engage students with effective mathematics software and curriculum, support teachers with high quality professional development and advocate for excellence and equity in education. The dynamic environments of Sketchpad and TinkerPlots enable students to visualize and explore mathematical relationships and data.

Mathalicious (Presentation)
Mathalicious provides teachers with materials that allow them to teach math using real-world topics. Lessons are aligned to Common Core standards and explore everything from the NBA to the iPad to the odds of finding life on other planets.

Monterey Institute for Technology and Education (MITE) (Presentation)
As a non-profit organization, the Monterey Institute for Technology and Education is committed to improving access to education through research, collaborative development and online distribution of media-rich, curricular digital resources. MITE's cornerstone projects are the!National Repository of Online Courses, and Algebra 1—An Open Course.

Motion Math (Presentation)
Motion Math creates fun learning games that let kids play with numbers. We turn screen time into learning time. !We’re creating mobile math game suites that are rigorously educational, stylish and awesomely fun. Our latest application is Motion Math: Hungry Fish.

World Wide Workshop (World Wide Workshop Foundation, Students Excel as Teachers, Understanding Mathematics)
World Wide Workshop develops applications for learning with technology that combine game mechanics and social networking to empower youth to be inventors and leaders in the global knowledge economy. Globaloria is a rigorous turn-key instructional solution for STEM learning, teaching students how to create educational webgames and interactive simulations. Our programs transform education by connecting youth to learning, community engagement and economic development through game production.


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