California may create 5th year high school graduation rate: Schools will get credit for helping more students get their diplomas.

The California Board of Education has replaced the four-year graduation rate with a combined four- and five-year graduation rate to give schools an extra year to help students earn their diplomas. In the 2017-18 school year, 83.5 percent of students graduated. “Of the 86,000 students who didn’t…25,000 were still enrolled in school but didn’t have enough credits to graduate,” reports EdSource. Schools that help those students earn a diploma within five years will receive credit toward their accountability rating on the California school dashboard. The article notes that Russell Rumberger, professor emeritus of education at UC Santa Barbara and co-author of a PACE study on California’s graduation rates, supports the five-year rate, but criticizes the methodology. Rumberger told EdSource that increasing the graduation rate of one class by adding diplomas earned by the previous year’s seniors “muddies the water.”


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