Heather Hough


Enacting Social-Emotional Learning: Practices and Supports Employed in CORE Districts and Schools. Julie A. Marsh, Susan McKibben, Heather Hough, Michelle Hall, Taylor N. Allbright, Ananya M. Matewos, Caetano Siqueira (April 2018)
Continuous Improvement in Practice. Heather Hough, Jason Willis, Alicia Grunow, Kelsey Krausen, Sylvia Kwon, Laura Steen Mulfinger, Sandra Park (November 2017)
Building Systems Knowledge for Continuous Improvement: Early lessons from the CORE districts. Michelle Nayfack, Vicki Park, Heather Hough, Larkin Willis (November 2017)
Identity crisis: Multiple measures and the identification of schools under ESSA. Heather Hough, Emily Penner, Joe Witte (August 2016)


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