Bruce Fuller

University of California


Deregulating School Aid in California: How Districts Responded to Flexibility in Tier 3 Categorical Funds in 2010--2011. Brian M. Stecher, Bruce Fuller, Thomas Timar, Julie A. Marsh, Mary Briggs, Bing Han, Beth Katz, Angeline Spain, Anisah Waite (June 2012)
Teacher Stability and Turnover in Los Angeles: The Influence of Teacher and School Characteristics. Xiaoxia A. Newton, Rosario Rivero, Bruce Fuller, Luke Dauter (July 2011)
Deregulating School Aid in California: How 10 Districts Responded to Fiscal Flexibility, 2009-2010. Bruce Fuller, Julie A. Marsh, Brian M. Stecher, Thomas Timar (May 2011)
Decentralizing Resources in Los Angeles High Schools – California’s Quality Education Investment Act. Margaret Bridges, Bruce Fuller, Andrew McEachin , Icela Pelayo, Neal Finkelstein (July 2010)
California Principals’ Resources: Acquisition, Deployment, and Barriers. Bruce Fuller, Susanna Loeb, Nicole Arshan, Allison Chen, Susanna Yi (April 2007)
Community Voices: California Preschool Directors Speak on Policy Options. Bruce Fuller, Kathryn Gesicki, Thea Sweo, Sunyoung Jung (January 2007)
Is the No Child Left Behind Act Working? The Reliability of How States Track Achievement. Bruce Fuller, Kathryn Gesicki, Erin Kang, Joseph Wright (January 2006)


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