PACE Event

The CSU Crisis and California’s Future

In this seminar Patricia Gándara, Gary Orfield, and Kimberly King will present research findings on a series of reports designed to analyze the impact of fiscal cutbacks on opportunity for higher education in the California State University system. CSUs educate a greater number of Latino and African American students, enroll a much larger undergraduate student body than the University of California system overall, and many CSU students are first-generation college students struggling to get an education in difficult times.

Representatives from the California Legislative Analyst’s Office, the California State Senate, and the Postsecondary Education Commission will open the discussion pertaining to the impact upon students and the future of the State; improving access by removing barriers to CSU education; meeting the financial needs of aid-eligible students; and understanding the impact to CSU faculty and staff.


Moderated by David N. Plank, Executive Director, PACE