PACE Event

The Future of Early PreK–3rd Education Systems in California

California’s education system continues to struggle to close persistent achievement gaps that often exist at school entry, and the state’s dire fiscal situation certainly doesn’t help. But real progress is possible, even now, as new strategies to build seamless early learning systems are being developed and supported through federal efforts.

In this seminar Brad Strong, Lisa Guernsey, and Loretta Burns will discuss the critical components of PreK–3rd systems and provide specific examples of how these systems are working locally to improve school readiness in California, offering up new opportunities for statewide leadership that are outlined in a New America Foundation report on California’s early education system.

Panelists include:

  • Brad Strong, Director of Education, Children Now
  • Lisa Guernsey, Director, Early Education Initiative, New America Foundation
  • Loretta Burns, Director, Santa Clara County Partnership for School Readiness

Moderated by David N. Plank, Executive Director, PACE

Supplemental information: