PACE Event

The State Budget and Education Funding

Mac Taylor

PACE, in partnership with EdSource, is pleased to invite you to attend a webinar featuring California's Legislative Analyst Mac Taylor on Governor Brown's May Revision of the 2015-16 state budget, what it means for schools and the fiscal outlook for education funding generally.

Currently it looks like schools will be the big winners when it comes to revenues they will receive as a result of the state's surging economy. But just how big a winner? And will the schools' windfall come at the expense of other parts of the state budget, including possibly non-education services that are important to a child's well-being?

Understanding these issues has become even more complicated as a result of the interplay between requirements of California Prop. 98 and Prop. 2, approved by voters last November. Few in the state can shed light on the state budget in as clear and as forthright a manner as Mac Taylor and his staff at the LAO. Join us for a thoughtful, information-rich discussion.


  • Mac Taylor, Legislative Analyst, State of California