Using Data to Improve Student Learning Environments

Nowhere is a data-informed approach to social-emotional learning more pronounced than in California's CORE Districts, which embarked on a groundbreaking effort in 2013 to capture a more holistic vision of student success and school quality. There, eight of the largest districts in the state have incorporated Social-Emotional (SE) and Culture and Climate (CC) survey data into their measurement systems. Research on these measures, led by Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE), reveals encouraging results: that student self-reporting on these measures is valid and reliable for driving continuous improvement in practice. But what does continuous improvement look like on the ground in these California schools?

As a partner of the CORE Districts, we at Transforming Education have offered advice about a variety of social and emotional learning measures and documented the development and implementation of the CORE Districts' data-informed approach. But we've also aimed to gather and share concrete examples of how schools are using the data to initiate changes in practice.


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