Alicia Grunow

Alicia Grunow
Alicia Grunow
Improvement Collective

Alicia Grunow is an expert in continuous improvement in education. She cofounded the Improvement Collective, a partnership dedicated to helping organizations solve important problems in education and the broader social sector using evidence-based methods. Grunow is also a senior fellow at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, where she worked prior to starting the Improvement Collective and co-authored the seminal book on improvement science, Learning to Improve: How America’s Schools Can Get Better at Getting Better. She started her career as a bilingual teacher first in Denver and then in New York City. She received her PhD in education from Stanford University.

updated 2018

Publications by Alicia Grunow
Building System Capacity to Learn
Creating continuously improving education systems could be the antidote to one-off education reforms that come and go with little to show for the effort. The strategy has been picking up steam in recent years, urged on by the federal Every Student…
Under emerging policy structures in California, the responsibility for school improvement is increasingly placed upon local school districts, with County Offices of Education (COEs) playing a critical support role. In this system, districts are…
Calls for “continuous improvement” in California’s K-12 education system are central to current discussions about school improvement in the state. Yet, definitions of continuous improvement vary, and knowledge of what continuous improvement looks…