Ananya Matewos

Ananya Matewos
Ananya Matewos
Assistant Professor of Education,
St. Norbert College

Ananya Matewos is an assistant professor of education at St. Norbert College. She previously was an education researcher at Temple University's Science Learning Research Group. She is interdisciplinary scholar studying motivation and cognition at the intersection of teaching and learning, with a particular focus on social emotions as they relate to instructional interactions and motivational outcomes. Matewos also taught special education in Minnesota. She received her PhD in urban education policy from the University of Southern California.

updated 2018

Publications by Ananya Matewos
Practices and Supports Employed in CORE Districts and Schools
Social-emotional learning refers to the beliefs, attitudes, personality traits, and behaviors that students need to succeed in school and life. Our study looks closely at ten “outlier schools” in California’s CORE districts whose students report…