Benjamin Cottingham

Ben Cottingham
Benjamin Cottingham
Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships,
Policy Analysis for California Education, Stanford University

Benjamin Cottingham is the Associate Director of Strategic Partnerships at PACE and focuses on the development of organizational conditions that support the continual improvement of student outcomes across California’s education system. He leads work at PACE examining how California’s county offices of education support continuous improvement. He is also currently involved with several research partnerships, including the CORE-PACE partnership, studying the impact of networked improvement communities on at risk student populations.

Publications by Benjamin Cottingham
Report Humphrey Feb 2020
Lessons from Other States
California faces challenges in its efforts to improve educational outcomes for students with disabilities (SWDs), especially regarding SWDs’ participation in general education originally mandated by PL 94-142. Research evidence consistently…
The Vision for County Offices of Education
County offices of education (COEs) are expected to provide ongoing support to districts and other local education agencies to drive continuous improvement within California’s education system. Fulfilling this role has required COEs to carry out…
The Case of Garden Grove Unified School District
This case study of the culture of improvement in the Garden Grove Unified School District (GGUSD) is part of a broader set of reports on findings from the CORE-PACE Research Partnership’s developmental evaluation in 2018-19. The research in 2018-19…
Lessons from the CORE Districts
The education sector is embracing the hope that continuous improvement will lead to more beneficial student outcomes than standards-based reform and other approaches to policies and practice in prior decades. This report examines attempts in…