Bridget O'Brien

Bridget O'Brien
Associate Professor, Department of Medicine and Office of Medical Education and ,
UCSF School of Medicine

Bridget O'Brien is an associate professor affiliated with the Office of Medical Education, Research, and Development in Medical Education unit, where she teaches and mentors faculty and learners in several programs, including UCSF–University of Utrecht doctoral program in health professions education; the Health Professions Education Pathway; and the Teaching Scholars program. She also directs scholarship and evaluation for the Center of Excellence in Primary Care Education and a Fellowship in Health Professions Education Evaluation and Research at the San Francisco VA. She was selected as one of five national Macy Faculty scholars, supported by the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation. As a co-author of Educating Physicians: A Call for Reform of Medical School and Residency, she brought workplace learning to the forefront of educational innovation and reform. Her research focuses on workplace learning in the context of longitudinal relationships, inter-professional team-based care, and systems improvement. O’Brien received her master's in organizational behavior from the Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley, and her PhD in education from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education.

updated 2003

Publications by Bridget O'Brien
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