Charles Taylor Kerchner

Charles Taylor Kerchner
Senior Research Fellow and Professor Emeritus,
Claremont Graduate University

Charles Taylor Kerchner is a senior research fellow and professor emeritus in the School of Educational Studies at Claremont Graduate University. His interest in educational technology is based on studies of large-scale institutional change and a belief that changes in how students learn are likely to drive a transformation in the structure of public education. He's a veteran policy researcher and has written extensively about education reform and teacher unions for numerous journals and publications and is author of several books, including United Mind Workers: Unions and Teaching in the Knowledge Society. He received his PhD from Northwestern University.

updated 2013

Publications by Charles Taylor Kerchner
Internet-related technology has the capacity to change the learning production system in three important ways. First, it creates the capacity to move from the existing batch processing system of teaching and learning to a much more individualized…
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Collective Bargaining and Student Achievement
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