Daniel Klasik

Daniel Klasik
Assistant Professor,
UNC School of Education

Daniel Klasik is an asistant professor at the UNC School of Education. His research uses a wide variety of quantitative methods to study student pathways into and through postsecondary education. His ongoing research agenda spans a number of topics about the forces that shape inequities in whether and where students attend college, with work examining racial and economic stratification in higher education; how students make choices about where to apply to college; the effect of affirmative action and other admissions policies on campus diversity; the complicated steps that lead to four-year college enrollment; and how geography and geographic immobility influence where students enroll in college and their later life outcomes. His work can be found in a wide variety of education and policy journals, and was recognized as a National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow for his work trying to better understand students' college application behavior. He was also a former research associate at PACE. Dr. Klasik earned his PhD in education policy and MA in economics at Stanford University.

Publications by Daniel Klasik
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