Daphna Bassok

Daphna Bassok
Batten Bicentennial Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education,
University of Virginia

Daphna Bassok is an associate professor of education and public policy at the University of Virginia. She is also associate director of EdPolicyWorks, a joint collaboration between the School of Education and Human Development and the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. Her research addresses early childhood education policy, with a focus on efforts to improve early childhood systems at scale. She is particularly interested in policies aimed at supporting the early childhood workforce. She is leading the multi-year evaluation of Virginia’s Federal Preschool Development Grant Birth–5 initiative. Bassok received her PhD in the economics of education from Stanford University.

updated 2005

Publications by Daphna Bassok
The Influence of Preschool Centers on Children’s Social and Cognitive Development
Previous research has demonstrated that attending center care is associated with cognitive benefits for young children. However, little is known about the ideal age for children to enter such care or the "right" amount of time, both weekly and…
The Influence of Preschool Centers on Children’s Development Nationwide
Young children, at least among those from poor families and within the domains of cognitive growth and school readiness, benefit from exposure to preschool or childcare centers. Carefully controlled experiments, exemplified by the Perry Preschool or…