David Cohen

David Cohen
The John Dewey Collegiate Professor of Education and Professor Emeritus of Public Policy,
University of Michigan

David K. Cohen is the John Dewey Professor Emeritus of Education in the School of Education and professor emeritus of public policy at the Ford School. His research focuses on the relationships between education policy and classroom practice in K–12 education, and on efforts to improve schooling. He was codirector of a national study of efforts to improve teaching and learning in high-poverty elementary schools. A nationally recognized authority on educational reform, Cohen taught at Harvard aUniversity and Michigan State before coming to the University of Michigan. Cohen received his PhD from the University of Rochester.

updated 1996

Publications by David Cohen
This paper is a baseline analysis of how many teachers will be needed in California over the next 10 years. By baseline analysis, we mean that the authors have taken data on student enrollment projections and looked at several variables that affect…