Edward Haertel

Edward Haertel
The Jacks Family Professor of Education, Emeritus,
Stanford Graduate School of Education

Edward Haertel is the Jacks Family Professor of Education, emeritus, at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. He is an expert in the area of educational testing and assessment. His research and teaching focus on psychometrics and educational policy, especially test-based accountability and related policy uses of test data. His recent work has examined standard-setting methods; limitations of value-added models for teacher and school accountability; impacts of testing on curriculum, students, and educational policy; test reliability; and generalizability theory. Haertel received his PhD in measurement, evaluation, and statistical analysis from the University of Chicago.

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Publications by Edward Haertel
Accountability can be part of the solution. That is, accountability can lead to school improvement. However, accountability can also be part of the problem. It can lead to gross distortions. Teaching is a complex task. Our best understanding of the…