Erin M. Fahle

Erin Fahle
Erin M. Fahle
Assistant Professor,
School of Education at St. John’s University

Erin M. Fahle is an assistant professor in the School of Education at St. John’s University. Her research highlights and explains systemic gender, racial, and economic inequalities in educational opportunity using applied statistical methods. She is particularly interested in how gender limits children's educational opportunities within their homes, schools, and neighborhoods. Her research on gender inequality has been published in Educational Researcher and featured in The New York Times and The Atlantic. She received her PhD in education policy from Stanford University.

updated 2019

Publications by Erin M. Fahle
Consistent Gender Differences in Students’ Self-Efficacy
Academic self-efficacy is a student’s belief in their ability to perform within a school environment. Prior research shows that students experience a drop in academic self-efficacy during middle school that is particularly steep for female students…