Grace Hae Rim Shin

Grace Hae Rim Shin
PhD Student and Data Analyst,
University of California, Los Angeles

Grace Hae Rim Shin is a PhD student in the Higher Education and Organizational Change program at the UCLA School of Education and Information Studies. Her academic and professional interests are in demonstrating gaps within university policies and practices, identifying approaches for closing these gaps, and supporting students unaccounted for by the status quo. She is especially interested in higher education bureaucracy and its impact on students. Her previous work includes university administrator and data analyst roles in offices of academic advising, institutional research, and undergraduate education. Her previous studies were undertaken at Duke University and Harvard Graduate School of Education.

updated 2021

Publications by Grace Hae Rim Shin
Evidence from the 2021 PACE/USC Rossier Annual Poll
The 2021 PACE/USC Rossier poll provides key insights into Californians’ perceptions of higher education issues during the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically equity and affordability. A large percentage of Californians acknowledge that college…