Jacob D. Alonso

Jacob D. Alonso
PhD Student,
University of Southern California

Jacob Alonso is a PhD student in urban education policy at the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California. He studies K–12 education policy from a mixed methods perspective, building on a career of classroom teaching, campus and district administration, and independent research. His research focuses on the geospatial analysis of equity and school choice; how schools respond to demographic change; social justice school leadership; and democratic engagement in schools. His interests are guided by his experience in the classroom, a career in education leadership, and a deep belief in the transformative capacity of education.

updated 2021

Publications by Jacob D. Alonso
Leadership, Partnership, and Community
Public education today faces a troubling set of challenges, including declining enrollment, staffing shortages, and polarized communities, with school boards at the center of broader political debates. How did we arrive at this current state? This…
Evidence from the 2021 PACE/USC Rossier Poll
In this brief, we use data from the 2021 PACE/USC Rossier Poll to report on California voters’ attitudes towards and engagement with local school district governance. Generally, our findings show relatively high support for school boards among…