Jeremy Prim

Jeremy Prim
Jeremy Prim
Ph.D. student,
University of California, Davis

Jeremy Prim is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology and an MA student in the UC Davis School of Education. His research focuses on race, policing, exclusionary discipline, and educational outcomes, examining the association between the percentage of Black students in K–12 public schools and the presence of sworn law enforcement officers on campus. His work explores the possible relationship between the presence of sworn law enforcement officers in public schools and the suspension rates of students in those schools. Prim hopes to assist policymakers and school districts in making informed decisions about school climate and safety.

updated 2020

Publications by Jeremy Prim
Evidence and Implications
When California’s students return to school this fall, schools can play a pivotal role in preventing, assessing, and addressing trauma in order to support students’ well-being. We summarize the existing evidence base on multi-tiered trauma-informed…