Joe Witte

Joe Witte
Joe Witte
Former Quantitative Research Manager,
Policy Analysis for California Education, Stanford University

Joe Witte was the quantitative research manager at PACE. Before joining PACE, he worked as a consultant for the Illinois State Board of Education. His work at both organizations has focused on providing high-quality and actionable data in order to inform and support education policymakers and stakeholders. Witte received his MPP with a concentration in education policy from the University of Chicago.

updated 2021

Publications by Joe Witte
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Characteristics, Outcomes, and Transitions
In this brief, we leverage data from eight school districts, known as the CORE districts, to describe students with disabilities (SWDs) by their characteristics, outcomes, and transitions into and out of special education. We found that the…
Multiple measures and the identification of schools under ESSA
The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) makes sweeping changes to the way school performance is measured. Using the innovative measurement system developed by the CORE Districts in California, the authors explore how schools can be identified for…