Laura Steen Mulfinger

Laura Mulfinger
Laura Steen Mulfinger
Project Manager, Rossier School of Education,
University of Southern California

Laura Steen Mulfinger is a project manager in the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California. She coordinates faculty research and supervises data collection and analysis for Rossier's Center for Educational Policy, Equity, and Governance. She received her PhD in K–12 education from Claremont Graduate University.

updated 2018

Publications by Laura Steen Mulfinger
Leadership, Partnership, and Community
Public education today faces a troubling set of challenges, including declining enrollment, staffing shortages, and polarized communities, with school boards at the center of broader political debates. How did we arrive at this current state? This…
Learning from the CORE Data Collaborative
Experts agree that effective data use is critical for continuous improvement. However, there is a lack of understanding statewide about how data use for continuous improvement, with its adaptive and iterative nature, differs from data use for other…
Calls for “continuous improvement” in California’s K-12 education system are central to current discussions about school improvement in the state. Yet, definitions of continuous improvement vary, and knowledge of what continuous improvement looks…
Over the Hill and Out of Sight
The typical image of California is one of coastal cities and urban centers. But this picture leaves out much of the state and many of its residents. For large numbers of policymakers, foundations, and education leaders, these parts of our large and…