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Elizabeth Pier
Libby Pier
Research Manager,
Education Analytics

Libby Pier is research manager at Education Analytics, a non-profit organization based in Madison, WI, that conducts sophisticated statistical research to solve complex, pressing problems facing public education in the United States. She received a Ph.D. in Learning Sciences from the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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We illustrate the application of mixture IRT models to evaluate the possibility of respondent confusion due to the negative wording of certain items on a social-emotional learning (SEL) assessment. Using actual student self-report ratings on four…
This brief applies value-added models to student surveys in the CORE Districts to explore whether social-emotional learning (SEL) surveys can be used to measure effective classroom-level supports for SEL. The authors find that classrooms differ in…
School value-added models are increasingly used to measure schools’ contributions to student success. At the same time, policymakers and researchers agree that schools should support students’ social-emotional learning (SEL) as well as academic…
Evidence from the CORE Districts
Mounting evidence demonstrates that social-emotional skills are important for students’ academic and life success, yet we have limited evidence on how these skills develop over time and how this development varies across student subgroups. In this…