Luis Benveniste

Luis Benveniste
Human Development Regional Director, Latin America and Caribbean ,
The World Bank

Luis Benveniste is the human development regional director for Latin American and the Caribbean at the World Bank. His research focuses on teacher policies and student assessment practices. He was a co-author of World Development Report 2012: Gender Equality and Development. Other publications include Teaching in Cambodia (2008), with J. Marshall and M. Araujo; Teaching in Lao PDR (2008), with J. Marshall and L. Santibaez; "The political Structuration of Assessment: Negotiating State Power and Legitimacy," in A.H. Halsey, P. Brown, H. Lauder & J. Dillabough (eds.), Education: Globalisation and Social Change (2006); and All Else Equal (2003), with M. Carnoy and R. Rothstein, a book on accountability and the organization of public and private schools in the United States. Benveniste has worked on a wide variety of World Bank education projects in Africa, East Asia, and the Pacific. He received his PhD in international comparative education from Stanford University.

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Publications by Luis Benveniste
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