Milbrey McLaughlin

Milbrey McLaughlin
Professor Emeritus, Graduate School of Education,
Stanford University

Milbrey McLaughlin is the David Jacks Professor Emeritus of Education and Public Policy at Stanford University, and is co-director of the Center for Research on the Context of Teaching, an education research center that analyzes areas such as the connection between teacher learning communities and educational reforms. She is also the founding director of the John Gardner Center for Youth and their Communities, a partnership between Stanford University and Bay Area communities to build new practices, knowledge, and capacity for youth development and learning. Dr. McLaughlin has focused throughout her career on the various institutional contexts and policies that shape youth outcomes, especially schools and community-based institutions. She is the author or co‑author of many books, articles, and chapters on education policy, teaching and learning, productive environments for youth, and community‑based organizations. Dr. McLaughlin hold an Ed.D in education policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Publications by Milbrey McLaughlin
California’s State Board of Education adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in August of 2010. The CCSS have been adopted by 45 states across the country. They aim to articulate consistent, clear standards for what students are expected to…