Nancy Kotowski

Nancy Kotowski
Superintendent of Schools,
Monterey County Office of Education

Nancy Kotowski was superintendent of schools for the Monterey County Office of Education. She formerly was curriculum coordinator for the Monterey County Office of Education and a research assistant at the University of Southern California. She serves as a board member of the National Steinbeck Center; Monterey County Media Center for Arts, Education, and Technology; and the state's Fiscal Crisis Management team. She is chair of the Monterey County Children's Council, and co-chair of the Foster Youth Services Council. She is a member of the Monterey County Business Council; the Monterey Bay Education Consortium; the Monterey County School Board's Association; and the Rotary Club of Monterey. She serves as advisor to the Monterey County Junior League. Kotowski received her PhD in education policy and organization from the University of Southern California.

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