Rebecca Callahan

Rebecca Callahan
Professor, College of Education and Social Services,
The University of Vermont

Rebecca Callahan is professor in the College of Education and Social Services at the University of Vermont. Her primary research interests center on the academic experiences of immigrant-origin, language-minority adolescents as they transition from high school into young adulthood. She is presently involved in several research projects that explore the effects of school context; social and academic processes; and teachers' pedagogical practices on the academic and civic development of immigrant-origin, potential-bilingual students. She also examines the effects of English as a second language (ESL) placement on college preparatory achievement outcomes among language-minority adolescents; primary language use and college-going among language-minority students; and school context and academic preparation on the political participation of immigrant young adults. Callahan received her PhD in education from the University of California, Davis.

updated 2003

Publications by Rebecca Callahan
Unequal Resources, Unequal Outcomes
The Williams v. the State of California class action suit, brought on behalf of poor children in that state, argues that California provides a fundamentally inequitable education to students based on wealth and language status. This article, an…