Robert Linquanti

Robert Linquanti

Robert Linquanti was project director and senior researcher at WestEd, where he helped school districts and state education agencies strengthen their assessment, evaluation, and accountability policies, practices, and systems for English learners (EL). He also supported states and school districts to implement new college- and career-ready content and English language proficiency standards and assessments; improve processes and methods for classifying, monitoring progress of, and reclassifying EL students; develop evaluation and internal accountability practices and systems; and support formative assessment as a pedagogical process to assist learning. He is co-author of English Language Learners and the New Standards: Developing Language, Content Knowledge, and Analytical Practices in the Classroom. He was a Columbia Public Service fellow and did postgraduate work in linguistics at the University of Madrid. Linquanti received his MPA in public policy analysis from Columbia University.

updated 2012

Publications by Robert Linquanti
A new PACE policy brief, by Robert Linquanti, Project Director and Senior Researcher at WestEd, and Kenji Hakuta, Professor of Education at Stanford University, examines how next-generation standards and assessments can foster success for California…