Susan Choy

Susan Choy
MPR Associates, Inc.

Susan Choy was formerly vice president and president of MPR Associates, Inc. (later acquired by RTI International), a Berkeley consulting firm that conducted innovative research and developed practical tools to inform education policy and practice from K–12 through adult education. Choy conducted research on issues related to postsecondary access and persistence and student financial aid for more than 25 years, primarily for the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). She is the author of numerous reports published by NCES on these topics and she has been involved in the design and analysis of the various cross-sectional and longitudinal postsecondary sample surveys conducted by NCES. She received her PhD in public administration from New York University.

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Publications by Susan Choy
Vocational Education in California Public Secondary Schools
Eleventh and twelfth grade students in California comprehensive high school and Regional Occupational Centers/Programs (ROC/ROPs) collectively spend about one million hours a day on vocational education. This represents a large investment of student…