Susan D. Holloway

Susan D. Holloway
Professor of the Graduate School,
University of California, Berkeley

Susan D. Holloway holds the title of Professor of the Graduate School at the University of California, Berkeley. She formerly taught as a professor and adjunct professor of cognition and development at UC Berkeley, and was a visiting associate professor while also being a research associate and instructor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She envisioned a career as a clinical psychologist, but changed direction after discovering a penchant for research. Teaching and conducting research at UC Berkeley has allowed her to explore the problems and promises associated with significant social change. She was named a National Academy of Education/Spencer Fellow and has twice been a Fulbright Scholar. Holloway received her EdS in program evaluation and her PhD in child development and early education from Stanford University.

updated 2001

Publications by Susan D. Holloway
Policy Success, Remaining Gaps
The basic availability of preschools and centers remains unevenly distributed between affluent and lower-income communities. Yet policy initiatives mounted over the past 35 years have markedly equalized supply in some states, including California.…
The Influence of Household Support, Ethnicity, and Parental Practices
Accumulating evidence shows that young children benefit develop­mentally by participating in quality childcare centers and preschools. But we know little about which family characteristics and home practices influence parents' selection of a center-…