Susan M. Brookhart

Susan M. Brookhart,
Susan M. Brookhart
Professor Emerita,
Duquesne University

Susan M. Brookhart is professor emerita in the School of Education at Duquesne University and an independent educational consultant and author based in Helena, Montana. She is author or coauthor of 18 books and more than 70 articles and book chapters on classroom assessment, teacher professional development, and evaluation. She was named the 2014 Jason Millman Scholar by the Consortium for Research on Educational Assessment and Teaching Effectiveness (CREATE) and is the recipient of the 2015 Samuel J. Messick Memorial Lecture Award from ETS/TOEFL. Brookhart's interests include the role of both formative and summative classroom assessment in student motivation and achievement, the connection between classroom assessment and large-scale assessment, and grading. She works with schools, districts, regional educational service units, and universities doing professional development and consultation.

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With the context of schooling so disrupted, many traditional methods of grading have been disrupted as well. For example, counting student participation or completion of practice work is difficult when students have unequal access to the internet…