Tamsin Helen Levy

Tamsin Helen Levy
Internal Medicine Specialist,
Highland Hospital

Tamsin Helen Levy is an internal medicine specialist at Highland Hospital in Oakland. She is a curriculum ambassador at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine. She formerly served as president of the GLBT Student Association; as a member of the chancellor's advisory committee on GLBT issues; and as a participant in "The Visibility Project." She has been a site coordinator for Break the Cycle and a codirector of the Child Care Waiting List Project (formerly part of PACE). Levy interned at the National Association of Child Advocates and volunteered with the Shanti Project and the San Francisco Free Clinic while a legal advocate for disabled homeless. She received her MD from from the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine.

updated 1998

Publications by Tamsin Helen Levy
How Do Parents Adjust to Scarce Options in Santa Clara County?
In winter 1998, the PACE research center began a phone survey of low-income and blue-collar parents. Most were mothers who had signed up on one of three child­care waiting lists maintained by different agencies within Santa Clara County. This survey…