Wendi Laurence

Wendi Laurence
Education Specialist,
Guardians of Honor, LLC

Wendi Laurence is an education specialist for Guardians of Honor. Wendi dedicates her work to creating and evaluating timely, appropriate, and accessible resource systems for both educators and learners so that no dream will be deferred and no potential unrealized. She uses these findings to create the connections, communities, research, curriculum, and interdisciplinary learning opportunities that bring wonder, innovation and understanding to life. She holds degrees from U.C.S.D, University of Denver, Portland State University, and completed her post-doctoral work at Washington State University, Vancouver. She is also the Founder of Create-osity, LLC.

updated 2023

Publications by Wendi Laurence
Lessons for Early Education
California previously embarked on a sizable experiment aimed at reducing the steady turnover of preschool teachers and allied childcare staff. The state’s taxpayers are now investing over $21 million annually in these county-run programs, offering…