William S. Koski

William Koski
William S. Koski
Professor, School of Law,
Stanford University

William S. Koski is the founder and director of Stanford University Law School's Youth and Education Law Project (YELP). He is also a professor (by courtesy) at Stanford's Graduate School of Education. Koski and YELP have represented hundreds of children, youth, and families in special education, student discipline, and other educational rights matters. Koski has also served as lead counsel or co-counsel in several path-breaking complex school reform litigations including Robles-Wong v. California, which sought to reform the public school finance system in the state; and Emma C. v. Eastin, which has restructured the special education service delivery system in a Bay Area school district and aims to reform the California Department of Education’s special education monitoring system. His scholarly work focuses on the related issues of educational accountability, equity and adequacy; the politics of educational policy reform; teacher employment policies; and judicial decision-making in educational policy reform litigation. He received his JD from the University of Michigan Law School and his PhD in education from Stanford University.

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Publications by William S. Koski
Structuring School District Discretion over Teacher Employment
A new PACE policy brief, by William S. Koski, Professor of Law and Director of the Youth and Education Law Project at Stanford University and Aaron Tang law student at Stanford Law School and former teacher in St. Louis, Missouri, examines teacher…