Worku Negash

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Worku Negash
Associate Professor and Coordinator, Public Management at School of Graduate Studies,
Ethiopian Civil Service University

Worku Negash is the founding president & CEO of WR Educational and Leadership Institute, a global consulting firm that provides leadership, policy, and management services. He is an associate professor and coordinator of the PhD program in public management at the School of Graduate Studies, Ethiopian Civil Service University. He previously served as vice president of a higher educational institution in Santa Clara, California. He received his MA in sociology, MA in policy analysis, and PhD in leadership and policy analysis from Stanford University



updated 1985

Publications by Worku Negash
1982–83 to 1984–85
This study investigates curricular changes in California comprehensive high schools from 1982-83 to 1984-85. During this period a number of educational reforms occurred, all aimed at bolstering the academic demands of secondary schools. Senate Bill…