PACE Event

English Language Learners and School Improvement Supports

What We Can Learn from District Practices and Implications for Policy

Despite increasing awareness on the part of educators about the importance of addressing the needs of English Language Learners (ELLs), there has been almost no systematic attention to supporting school and district leaders. Instructional strategies for addressing the language and content needs of ELLs has been working itself steadily into the mainstreamthrough teacher preparation standards, teacher induction program standards, and various prominent professional development programs.

However, the components of effectively educating ELLs cannot exist in a systemic vacuum, most particularly without the support of the leadership structure of districts.

In this seminar Kenji Hakuta and W. Richard Smith discuss their work on how districts and school leaders can play an active role in structuring and supporting appropriate programs for ELLs, and the policies necessary to improve the educational achievement of ELLs.

Speakers include:

  • Kenji Hakuta, Professor of Education Emeritus, Stanford University
  • W. Richard Smith, Deputy Superintendent, Sanger Unified School District

Moderated by David N. Plank, Executive Director, PACE