PACE Event

Pensions and California Schools

Picture of Cory Koedel

In 2014, the California Legislature passed Assembly Bill 1469 requiring teachers and school districts, along with the state government to substantially increase their respective contributions to the California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS). The state has accrued significant pension debt for an extended time totaling approximately $107 billion, and there is no short-term solution to solving this problem, with projections indicating higher contribution rates will be required through the year 2046.

In this seminar Cory Koedel provides the background for how and why CalSTRS finds itself in this situation and discusses potential policy options for reform moving forward.

  • Speaker: Cory Koedel, Associate Professor, Economics and Public Policy, University of Missouri–Columbia

Moderated by Heather J. Hough, Executive Director, PACE