PACE Event

Raising the Bar, Building Capacity

Driving Improvement in California’s Continuation High Schools

There are approximately 500 continuation high schools in California, which are estimated to serve more than 115,000 students each year. This number approaches nearly 10 percent of all high school students and as many as one of every seven high school seniors.

In this seminar Jorge Ruiz de Velasco and Milbrey McLaughlin will report findings from a statewide study of continuation high schools. Their study shows that, on the whole, these are failing to provide the academic and critical support services that students need to succeed. They focus on schools that are performing well under state and federal accountability systems, in an effort to identify promising policy and practice interventions and develop recommendations for school, district, and state education officials that will lead to improved performance for continuation high schools and their students.


  • Jorge Ruiz de Velasco, Deputy Director, John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities, Stanford University
  • Milbrey McLaughlin, Professor Emeritus, Graduate School of Education, Stanford University