Similar Middle Grades Students, Different Results

Friday, March 5, 2010 - 11:30am

The podcast of our March 5 seminar “Similar Middle Grades Students, Different Results: Why Some Schools Do Better,” is now available online. The speakers are Mike Kirst, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University, and Founding Director of PACE, and Trish Williams, Executive Director of EdSource.

EdSource, in collaboration with faculty from Stanford University, has conducted a large-scale study of middle grades practices in California and their relationship to student outcomes on 6th-8th grade CSTs in English Language Arts, Math, and Algebra. The EdSource study is based on extensive surveys of 303 principals; 3,752 ELA and Math 6-8th grade teachers; and 157 superintendents of districts throughout the state. The analysis was designed to identify practices and policies that differentiate higher from lower performing schools after controlling for student background. This study of the middle grades is the largest of its kind ever conducted, and was released in February 2010. It can be found online at The speakers were introduced by PACE Executive Director David N. Plank.

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