Another push to expand use of SAT in California amid criticism of test

SAT or not SAT? What’s the best way to assess California 11th graders’ readiness for college? In this EdSource article, journalist John Fensterwald describes the range of opinions on this important issue. Some families feel that the SAT “perpetuate the opportunity gap,” and resent families who can afford SAT coaching and test prep and, in the extreme, commit crimes to get children into prestigious colleges. Some District superintendents view a free and universal SAT as a great equalizer, vital to qualifying more low-income and minority students for college. At the same time, Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento, has introduced legislation calling on the University of California and California State University to re-examine the SAT and the ACT with an eye toward phasing out and replacing the tests as criteria for college admissions.

How well do any of these assessments predict first-year college outcomes? A new PACE research brief presents evidence on how well the Smarter Balanced Assessment, high school grade point average (HSGPA), and SAT predict first-year college outcomes for students enrolled in the California State University (CSU) system and at the University of California (UC) campuses. Read PACE research brief, Predicting College Success: How Do Different High School Assessments Measure Up?, at >>>>


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