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    By John Fensterwald

    California Department of Education officials have repeatedly cautioned against comparing students’ scores on past state standardized tests with forthcoming results on tests aligned with the Common Core standards. The academic standards have changed and the tests are different, making comparisons inaccurate, they and others have warned.

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    California’s 112 community colleges are designed to provide high school graduates who don’t go to four-year universities a second chance at higher education. But when it comes to math proficiency requirements, too many community college students are getting a raw deal, beginning with the way colleges test incoming students’ math skills and send the vast majority of students to remedial math courses.

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    What’s not on California’s education agenda – and should be

    David Plank, Executive Director, Policy Analysis for California Education

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    By John Fensterwald

    The State Board of Education is seizing the chance to redefine student achievement and reframe how schools are held accountable for performance. It is in the throes of replacing the Academic Performance Index, the three-digit number that has been California’s narrow gauge of school progress for a decade and a half. The question is, what will take its place?

  • The PACE Directors extend our thanks and best wishes to Bruce Fuller, who resigned as a Director of PACE at the end of 2014. Bruce joined PACE in 1996, and guided us through a pivotal decade. Under his leadership PACE’s work on school choice, pre-K education, and other topics had a profound impact on education policy debates in California and beyond. Bruce will continue as Professor of Education and Public Policy at UC-Berkeley, and as a vital contributor to the public conversation on education and other policy issues.

  • Stanford Graduate School of Education

    By Jonathan Rabinovitz

    The effort provides new ways for the San Francisco Unified School District to benefit from Graduate School of Education research.

    Stanford University Graduate School of Education has committed to raise $5 million for a pair of new initiatives with the San Francisco Unified School District that will enable teachers and administrators to use research more effectively to meet students’ needs.

  • David Plank, Executive Director of Policy Analysis for California Education, on Local Control and Accountability Plan at 4th Annual Lemann Dialogue 2014

  • Michael Kirst, Professor Emeritus of Stanford Graduate School of Education and President of California State Board of Education, talks on his recent reappointment to President of California State Board of Education, his thoughts on California's education the next 4 years, Common Core State Standards, Local Control Funding Formulas, Vergara lawsuit.

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