English Language Learner Education Under a Brown Administration

A Step in the Right Direction
William Perez
Loyola Marymount University

Approximately 25% of California K–12 students are English Language Learners. Despite our best efforts, less than 60% of ELLs are English proficient after 6 years. In addition, their achievement levels are well below their English proficient counterparts.

One of California Governor Jerry Brown’s gubernatorial goals is to reduce the messy number of categorical funding formulas and thus increase funding for English Language Learners and low income families.He would also like the State Board of Education to adopt instructional materials that provide intensive intervention and support for English Learners and to use existing federal funds to expand after-school and summer school programs to supplement English Learning programs.

Suggested citationPerez, W. (2010, November). English language learner education under a brown administration: A step in the right direction [Commentary]. Policy Analysis for California Education.