Gap Years and College Internships: Good or Bad Ideas?

Wesley Routon

Many students choose not to attend college continuously from matriculation to graduation. Reasons for breaks in collegiate tenure abound. One such reason is to participate in a professional internship program, either one found and offered to the student by their...

April 9, 2015 | EdSource

What’s not on California’s education agenda – and should be David Plank, Executive Director, Policy Analysis for California Education

How Does the Language Mix of Students Affect Student Achievement?

Christopher Jepsen
Thomas Ahn

Immigration has increased sizably in the United States and worldwide over the last decade. In addition to moving to traditional immigrant destinations such as California and Texas, recent waves of immigrants are arriving in states that have had only modest...

The Effect of School Starting Age Policy on Crime

John M. McAdams

On September 30th, 2010, then-governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation that would move the birthday cutoff for enrolling children in kindergarten from December 2 to September 1, making the minimum kindergarten starting age five years rather than four and...

Arts Integration as Key to Student Academic Achievement

Kylie Peppler

Enrichment programs in K-12 schools, such as the arts, are frequently cut to drive student performance in language arts and mathematics—the focal points of most standardized exams. However, a mounting body of evidence suggests that the arts have positive long-term...

Saving Money by Making it Safer to Walk and Bicycle to School

Ruth L. Steiner
Noreen C. McDonald

In recent years, federal, state, and local government initiatives have focused on ways to increase walking and cycling by making routes to school safer, offering encouragement to walkers and bikers, and providing safety education. The rationale behind these initiatives, such...

March 1, 2015 | EdSource

By John Fensterwald The State Board of Education is seizing the chance to redefine student achievement and reframe how schools are held accountable for performance. It is in the throes of replacing the Academic Performance Index, the three-digit number that...

Arts Education and Dropping Out of High School

M. Kathleen Thomas

Despite declining in recent decades, dropping out of high school continues to be a vexing problem in public education because the personal and societal costs associated with leaving high school without a diploma are high and disproportionately borne by low-income...