Working paper

CDSS-PACE Child Care Planning Project

Descriptive Findings from the Child Care Subsidy Interview
Diane Hirshberg
University of Alaska Anchorage
Leslie Derbin
The Derbin Group
Gregory Robinson
Applied Research and Evaluation Services


The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) and PACE have been involved in an effort to understand the impact of welfare reform and the implementation of the CalWORKs program on childcare supply and demand in California. As part of this project, CDSS and PACE conducted a telephone interview of current and former CalWORKs participants.

The survey was conducted in three counties: Kern, Orange, and Santa Clara, and in three languages, English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. A total of 1,974 interviews were completed between May 1 and June 30, 2001: 673 (34.1%) in Kern County; 797 (40.4%) in Orange County; and 504 (25.5%) in Santa Clara County.

This report presents descriptive survey results. It includes demographic data from the survey respondents; frequencies for the survey questions; and select responses by county, language, and ethnic groups.

Suggested citationHirshberg, D., Derbin, L., & Robinson, G. (2002, August). CDSS-PACE Child Care Planning Project: Descriptive findings from the child care subsidy interview [Working paper]. Policy Analysis for California Education.